Meet Minister Gloria


Gloria is an awesome woman of God and mentor to many women. She has the gift of exhortation and has committed herself to a life of intercession and edification. Gloria was born-again and Spirit filled at a very early age while living in West Africa. She serves as the Director of Woman's Ministry and is involved in the coordination and administration of the various ministry departments here at Grace & Peace Global Fellowship. Minister Gloria operates in the prophetic dimension.  She is the wife of Pastor Kynan and mother to two beautiful daughters, Ella and Naomi. Gloria is a women of honesty and integrity as well as an example of Christ Character. Through her gift of administation, Gloria looks diligently to the affairs of the ministry and ensures proper stewardship of ministry resources. Gloria has served in ministry for more than 9 years to children, college students, women, and the sexaully broken. She has touched many women through prayer and counseling and has provided an example for them to follow as a committed wife, mother, and godly woman. She also sits on the board of Women Encouraging Women, Inc, where she provides ongoing support to the needs of women in the Tampa Bay Area.