About Us

This is the vision and mission of our ministry: to see the person, power, and presence of Jesus Christ manifested in the lives of people everywhere that they might reign in life.  Through this ministry we desire to see millions of souls saved and restored through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We accomplish this mission by proclaiming the unadulterated, life changing, Word of God. Our outreach ministry serves as the catalyst to spread this message. Every week we provide resources to people so that they might become more conscious of Christ’s love for them and enter into the fullness of His finished work and thereby be positioned to walk in their God ordained assignment, namely the Great Commissioned as outlined in Matthew 28:19


How We Accomplish This

We are committed to spreading the gospel through our preaching ministry, speaking engagements, teaching resources, and internet & media platforms.  Our weekly television broadcast Life More Abundantly serves as a platform to discuss various issues in the body of Christ and the world, and shed light on those issues through the illumination of God’s Word. This along with our Social Media platform reaches approximately 10 MILLION people per week. 

To date, we have reached countless numbers of people with the gospel.  Through the combined efforts of our weekly outreach ministry and new media resources we have exposed thousands to the Gospel of Grace every single week.  Currently we are communicating God’s Word to people in North America, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, South America, India, Haiti, Ghana, Senegal, Congo, and Nigeria; as well as a host of other countries. We are engaging in several outreach efforts, which have a global impact.